The biggest change in this version of the application is the introduction of a new set of keyboard shortcuts to the default keyboard layout to change the Timeline track appearance. This is a wonderful feature I think. 

Waveforms only                Control-Option 1     

Large waveforms               Control-Option 2     

Waveforms and filmstrips   Control-Option 3     

Large filmstrips                 Control-Option 4     

Filmstrips only                  Control-Option 5     

Clip labels only                 Control-Option 6     

In addition Control-Option Up and Down arrows will cycle forward and backward through the clip appearance. If you want more waveforms, Control-Option Up Arrow; if you want more filmstrip Control-Option Down Arrow.

Remember if you are using a custom keyboard layout these new shortcuts will not be added to that, so either add them manually, or create a new custom keyboard from the default. 


Compressor has new batch called Apple ProRes Web that includes three settings, one for Apple devices, one for a ProRes master, and one that’s 960x540 H.264 for the web.

New Batch Template

Batch Presets

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