There are a number of truly useful, I would say necessary, utilities for FCP, tools every FCP user should have, some free, some shareware, some not, all inexpensive and worth the money. These include a number of plugins that allow you to get material in and out FCP using XML. Find them here

For a complete list of and access to the hundreds free effects, titles, and transitions available for FCP click here

When should I use optimized media, proxy media, and when should I render? Here’s one opinion.

I’m having trouble updating the software to the latest version. Read this to see if it helps you.

You have a long clip of video captured from tape that’s on your hard drive, or some other long, continuous movie file, and you want to break it up into segments as you import it. You also might want to leave out sections of the video and not bother with importing them. Click here to find out how to do this.

How do I reset my user directory when I’m having problems?

Why do I keep getting a wanting dialog whenever I try to add a transition?

What is an adjustment layer?

How do I bring VOB and DVD files into FCP?

How do I make a sidebar blur? It needs a color correction effect and blur effect with inverted masks. Click here to see a short video to take you through the process.

How do you drag a selection when a clip in the Event Browser is already selected?

How can I use sparse bundles to limit the number of events and projects that appearing in my libraries?

How do you create a project with a custom size?

What is three-point editing, and how do I do it?

How do you delete custom color presets and custom text styles?

How do I get media from a Canon C300 or other Canon XF cameras into FCP?

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