Adjustment Layer

An adjustment layer is a blank title that you can add as a layer in the Timeline. Why would you want a blank title? Any effect or color correction you apply to the adjustment layer gets applied to all the layers below it. This is very handy if you want to add a color correction to all your clips, or an effect, like a vignette or letterbox to everything in the Timeline, or for a section of the Timeline, perhaps a single scene.

This is especially easy to create using Motion if you have, simply create a new blank title. If you don’t have Motion or don’t want to take the few minutes to make your own, You can download the Adjustment Layer here. To add it to FCP, drag the folder called Adjustment into Movies/Motion Templates/Titles. If you don’t already have the folder, you can create it manually, but you’ll have to add .localized as the suffix to ensure that FCP see it. This will add the Adjustment category to the Title Browser and include the Adjustment Layer.

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