When I first wrote my book I wrote based on version 10.0.2. Since then there have been a great many changes. My second book Final Cut Pro X Beyond the Basics was based on version 10.1.2, and of course that too was soon superseded. My third book, really the second edition of the original book, From iMovie to Final Cut Pro X, was based on the early version of 10.3, as will be the second edition of Beyond the Basics. 

Details of these many changes in the application can be found on these pages. There have been upgrades and updates on a regular basis since FCPX was first released in 2011. Upgrades are significant enhancements or changes in the application and appear here in bold. Updates have included minor enhancements and bug fixes, some of which I haven’t even listed. Here they are in reverse order, the newest upgrade at the top with with its updates directly below it.

December 2017: 10.4 released. Advanced Color Correction. 3600 VR. HEVC. HDR. Check it out here.

10.4.1 released in April 2018 introduced ProRes RAW and ProRes RAW HQ as well as built-in Closed Captioning and a number of bug fixes. Read about it here.

Oct. 2016: 10.3 is a complete redesign of the FCP interface and adds important features for Roles and Workspaces. Check it all out starting here.

10.3.1 through 10.3.3 are mainly bug fixes, the first principally fixing major failures in the Spanish language version, while the second fixes a number of other important bugs and improves performance, such as dragging elements in the Timeline. 10.3.3, in addition to some bug fixes, includes a horizontally expandable Inspector and more Roles colors. 10.3.4 fixes some annoying bugs.

April 2015: 10.2 is available. It requires Yosemite 10.10.2 or later. Click here for information about the upgrade.

10.2.2 adds native support for XAVC-L and AVC Intra 4444 plus additional Canon support. There are bug fixes and also the option to export interlaced H.264 both from FCP and Compressor. Also, the text box in the Title inspector is once again resizable.

10.2.3 comes four months after 10.2.2 and is another bug fix version, which does not update the FCP libraries. It does include some new features, whose main improvements can be seen here. There are also updates for Motion and Compressor.

Dec. 2013: The most important upgrade to the application foundation is in 10.1.

10.1.2 has arrived with some great new features. 

Oct. 2012: For new features in 10.0.6 start here.

The 10.0.7-10.0.9 updates are interim versions with bug fixes, though a few really useful keyboard shortcuts have appeared in 10.0.8 along with Log support for Alexa cameras and support for Sony’s XAVC.

Jan. 2012: Instruction for Multicam editing in 10.0.3

Other New Features in 10.0.3 and 10.0.4

For some of the textual changes in different places in the first book since 10.0.2 go to this page.

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