Final Cut Pro X 10.4

Advanced Color Correction. 


Advanced color correction is the highlight of the new FCPX 10.4, along with 3600 VR tools brought to the application by Tim Dashwood, who joined the Pro Apps team in April. There is also HEVC and HDR support allowing import of H.265 media. 

The OS system requirements have been changed. 10.4 requires at least macOS Sierra 10.12.4, El Capitan has been dropped. 8 GB RAM is recommended for 4K, 3D titles and 3600 VR. Working with a VR headset requires High Sierra macOS 10.13 with a discrete graphics card. A 27” iMac with Radeon Pro 580 card is recommended. Also, working with HEVC requires High Sierra. System minimum requirements recommendations usually mean: Don’t bother trying with anything less, or you’ll find it really painful going.  


Do NOT upgrade to the new version of FCP in mid-project. Before you upgrade make sure you have a complete backup of media, libraries, plugins, and applications as there is no backward compatibility. For safety make a clone of your system disk, and backup all libraries to a separate drive. 

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