Edit on Import

You have a long clip of video captured from tape that’s on your hard drive, or some other long, continuous movie file, and you want to break it up into segments as you import it. You also want to leave out sections of the video and not bother with importing them.  This tip is adapted from one used by AndyNick on the Apple FCP user forum.

All you need is space on a hard drive or partition of a drive that you can use for this purpose. Even your camera’s card can be used. You need to create a folder called VIDEO on the top level of the drive or card. 

Move or copy the file or files you want to import into the VIDEO folder. 

Launch FCP and press Command-I. The Camera Import window opens. Click Open Archive in the lower left. Find the folder called VIDEO. Select the folder, not anything inside it, click Open and your file or files will appear in the camera import window.

If the file is long zoom into the filmstrip using Command-=. You can make selections by marking In and Point points (I and O) where you want. Press the Return key to import the selection. Press Return again to accept your import settings.

Import only the material you need, or simply use the selections to break up the media.

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