Occasionally some people have problems updating the software, and there often isn’t any rhyme or reason to why this happens on some systems and not on others. If you know there is application update, you’ve read about it here, or on a reliable forum, and the application still is not appearing on the Updates page of the App Store, there is a simple solution. First, check that your system meets the minimum requirements, which might changed. You might need more RAM or a new operating system upgrade. Second, check that the application appears in the Purchases page of the store. If it doesn’t, make sure you’re signed into the store with the Apple ID that was used to purchase it. Once you’ve verified that the application is available, make sure you unmount any drives that may hold other copies of the application, then move the application from the Applications folder into the Trash. Don’t empty the trash. In the App Store on the Purchases page you should see the Install button opposite the application. Download the application. It will be the latest currently available version for your system. 

Apple is quite aggressive about keeping as many users as possible on the latest versions of all software. To aid in this quest it uses the App Store preferences. The default preferences here are to automatically download any available updates including updates and annual upgrades to macOS. It only does this of course if there is available space on your system drive. Once the files are downloaded the user gets a bland notification with so specific information about the updates asking if you want to install. This is like phishing. Most users click OK and the install is executed. NO professional user on the Mac platform should ever, under any circumstances use the default App Store settings. Even worse is that there is a checkbox in App Store preferences to not only automatically download but also to automatically install. NO, do NOT check on automatically install. The only item that should be checked on in the App Store prefs is automatically check for updates like this:

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