XF Import

To do this you will need two pieces of software. One you may already have. This is the Canon XF Utility. It comes on the disc that ships with your camera. Install this software. If you don’t have it, because you don’t have a camera but only XF media, then you should be able to download it from here.

Canon has now released a plugin for FCP to allow you to import MXF media. You can download it here. Be warned however the installer for this plugin will only run on Lion. There is a hack that will allow you to cheat and run the installer on 10.6.8. This is from macmacmac on the fcp.co forum.

To install the plugin on Snow Leopard OS X 10.6.8 you have to temporarily change your system version number to Lion 10.7.2!

  • 1. Go to HD:/System/Library/CoreServices/SystemVersion.plist
  • 2. Copy the file to the Desktop
  • 3. Open the original with a text editor and change the string value of 'ProductVersion' and 'ProductUserVisibleVersion' to '10.7.2'.
  • 4. Save & Overwrite.
  • 5. Install the plugin
  • 6.Move back the original SystemVersion.plist from the Desktop

There is another third party piece of software that you might try if the Canon plugin cannot be installed. Get XfcpX. This is donateware (please donate)You can get XfcpX here.

To import into FCP, use the XF Utility to get your XF media off your card or from your camera archive.

Then use XfcpX to convert the files to QuickTime.

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