Custom Color Presets and Text Styles

Custom color presets are stored in your Home/Library. In the Finder hold the Option key and from the Go menu select Library. Go to ~/Library/Application Support/ProApps/Color Presets. That’s where you’ll find them. You can delete one or all of them from there. Other presets like effects and Share Destinations are also saved in the ProApps folder.

You can also copy them onto a jump drive or email them or post them on the web. To use them all you have to do is put them in the right location.

Text presets are also in Application Support but they are not in the ProApps folder. To find this presets you need to go to ~/Library/Application Support/Motion/Library/Text Styles. All the saved text presets are there and can be deleted from there or shared with others by putting them in the same folder on their systems.

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