New Preferences

There have been some changes to the FCP preferences, including a new panel called General.

General Preferences

Here you can check on library backups, and select the location for the backups. This does not backup up all the media in the events. It simply backups up the metadata for the library, events, and projects, which is what you need to restore a library. You media should be backed up separately. 

The other preferences are largely unchanged. The Better Performance/High Quality popup has been moved. It and the proxy/high quality switch have been moved out of preferences and is now in the Viewer appearances popup in the top right.

Viewer Appearance

There some new Destinations available for Chinese video sharing sites Youku and Tuduo. Also the sidebar order has been rearranged to give more prominence to Apple Devices.

Destinations Preferences

And in the realm of the future has arrived: If you’re working in a 4K project, you can now share a 4K output to YouTube.

4K YouTube Share

Another new function in 10.1 is the ability to set an application to interact with the exported file. 

One more feature of exporting is that the application uses Notifications. When export is complete a Notification pops up.

Share Notification

You can close the notification or click Show to take you to the exported file.

There are also now a Destinations plist. Previously trashing your preferences did not reset the Destinations panel, but there is now a new Destinations preference,, that will reset the Destinations preferences to the default. All the more reason to use Digital Rebeliion’s Preference Manager to backup your saved preference set so these can be restored. You can still reset the Destinations preferences with the shortcut menu in the Destinations panel.

The Shared folder that used to exist for every project is now buried inside the library. To access it you have to use Show Package Contents and find the project folder and the Shared folder inside there. It would be nice if you could access these from the Share inspector directly, but you can’t.

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