First edition still available

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Final Cut Pro X Beyond the Basics is Tom Wolsky’s full color tutorial book for experienced editors wanting to learn Apple’s Final Cut Pro X. Beyond the Basics is for all users, especially those who are self-taught, and want to fill in the gaps in their knowledge. 

Go beyond the mechanics of Final Cut Pro X - learn how to edit with it!

More than a button-pushing manual - this editing workshop gives your firsthand experience with the art and technique of editing with Final Cut Pro. It includes in-depth info on the application's features, interface elements, and tools. You develop a working knowledge of the principles and methods taught in film schools with tutorials that go beyond the essentials.

The second edition is coming soon. Despite living in a digital age, book production is a remarkably slow and laborious process. The book is in the copy-editing stage and will be available later this year.  

Where can I order the book? The book is available from Amazon in both paperback and in Kindle editions, from the iBooks store, and from other booksellers online.

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