Workspaces and Wide Gamut Color Support

Another really important feature of the new interface is Workspaces that can be customized and saved. There are three basic workspaces: the original Default layout (Command-0 zero); an Organize layout, with no Timeline, a long Browser, central Viewer, and full length Inspector (Shift-Control-1); and Color & Effects (Shift-Control-2), which has scopes open, Viewer, Inspector, Timeline and Effects Browser. 

Organize Workspace

Color & Effects Workspace

In the Window menu there is a Show in Workspace submenu which lets you select what you want open. The full height Inspector is a separate item in the View menu and is available in the standard Organize workspace, but can also be added into whatever other Workspace arrangement you can devise. The Inspector height can be toggled with the keyboard shortcut Control-Command-4 You can also toggle the Inspector full height by simply double-clicking the name at the top of the Inspector. It’ll shoot down to the bottom of the screen or collapse to the top of the Timeline pane. You can open and close the Timeline pane from the Show in Workspace submenu or with the keyboard shortcut Control-Command-2. Workspaces can be saved in the Window>Workspaces menu and can be called up from there. 

Workspaces Menu

An important new feature for broadcast production is the ability to work with your media using wide gamut video, allowing you full access to the broad luminance and color saturation range available in newer formats, while processing out at broadcast standard Rec. 709 or Rec. 2020 specifications. When you create a new project if you choose Custom Project you will have the option to set the broadcast specification. 

Custom Project Settings

To get the option to select Rec. 709 or Rec. 2020, the properties for the Library have to be changed to from Standard to Wide Gamut. This is done at the bottom of the Library Properties pane. You will also see displayed this in the Share settings when you export your project. Note that only Master File ProRes or Uncompressed output will support Rec. 2020; everything else sets to Rec. 709.

A further enhancement is a Range Check overlay that can now be turned on at the bottom of the Viewer appearances popup. 

Range Check in Viewer

The out of gamut area appears as zebra striping. It supports wide gamut images and conforms to the project settings the broadcast output project settings. It’s interesting changing the project from Rec. 709 to Rec. 2020 to see the significantly greatly latitude 2020 gives you. 

FCP now supports some newer formats including Panasonic V-Log, Sony XAVC-L at 4K, as well as Canon C300 12-bit video. It also offers AVC-Intra export options in the Share dialogue. It still does not support H.265.

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