Final Cut Pro X for iMovie and Final Cut Express Users

For media for this book in the 10.1 and later Library bundle format please click here.

Please read the important notes below the media links.

If you have difficulty downloading these files please email me using the link at the bottom of the page. I seem to have best luck with Safari, which seems to be able to pick up from where it left off if the download is interrupted. 489.3MB 295.9MB 812.9MB 529MB 651.8MB 240.4MB 429.4MB 14.6MB 348.3MB 439.8MB

Apple has made a change to their application behavior in version 10.0.4 that effects all downloaded sparse images.

When the application detects the newly downloaded sparse image it brings up the following warning:

Click OK and the application will recognize the sparse image. This was broken in version 10.0.4, but has now been fixed in v10.0.5.

All of these projects and events were originally created using FCP 10.0.2, and have been updated subsequently, but are likely not in the most recent version. When you launch a newer version of the software, you will get a dialog box asking you to update the Projects and Events, to which you should click OK.

To get you started quickly with FCPX I have exerted a few pages from Lesson 2 of the book. You can find that exert here.

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